As the summer season winds down, Rick Ross offers viewers one last escape to the Caribbean island of Anguilla in his new video for 'Presidential.' Much like the photos he posted on his Instagram, Rozay is shirtless and feeling presidential as he brags about his wealth in the summery clip.

The video, which was helmed by Spiff TV and DreFilms, begins with a soundbite from President Obama's Sept. 6 speech from the Democratic National Convention. It then segues to visuals of the three B's -- Beaches, Babes and Benjis (as in Benjamins). We also see the Miami rhyme-spitter celebrating with his other rich friends Diddy and French Montana, all sipping on Ciroc vodka.

"Lord forgive me for my sins, I'm with this pretty b---- / 80 grand, rubber band for some silly s--- / She on that Alexander Wang / Gold presidential Venus when I change the game," boasts the Bawse.

Ross' materialistic rhymes might turn off a few folks, but it's Pharrell's production that really smooths things out. The doo-wop sample and Elijah Blake's lithe vocals mesh so perfectly together that you can't help but nod your head and groove to the beat.

While Ross was in Anguilla, he also filmed a video for 'Diced Pineapples,' one of the standout tracks from the 'God Forgives, I Don't' album. Expect that video to hit the Internet soon.