Although he's working on his next album 'Mastermind,' Rick Ross is still rolling out videos for songs off his last effort, the Grammy-nominated 'God Forgives, I Don't.' The newest clip is for the soul-drenched song 'Ashamed.'

The visual looks like a continuation from his last visual for 'Pirates.' This time we see Rozay reveling his riches as he reflects on his wins and losses in the game. He makes no apologies for his grind and the way he flosses. "Until then, I'ma be a D-boy, I'm ashamed to say," he raps.

And Ross certainly has expensive taste. From an exotic cat roaming around in his luxurious mansion to expensive cars to a beautiful woman by his side, the Miami boss is indeed living the glamorous life.

If you are keeping count, Ross has only three videos left to complete from the album. 'Maybach Music IV,' 'Ice Cold' and the Andre 3000-featured 'Sixteen.' We are eager to see if the Bawse can get those videos done.