Historic Steinmetz Park in Schenectady has been around since the 1930’s. It was named after Charles Proteus Steinmetz, who was a co-founder of General Electric. The park was thriving until the early 80’s when there was a tragic accident. A boy drowned while swimming in the pond. Once the pond closed, activity dwindled.

Now, as a result of a 2006 study, improvements are being made. Around $500,000 will be used to renovate the historic bathhouse on the park’s real estate. It will be equipped with a snack stand, meeting room and restrooms.

This is the first of, hopefully, several renovations that will help bring in people outside of the park's local neighborhood.

In a quote obtained by the Times Union, Commissioner of General Services, Carl Olsen, summed up the addition nicely, “Without a place to go to the bathroom, it’s difficult to spend any real time in the park.” True that!