Remy Ma has been teasing a new freestyle on social media for some time now and finally drops the track, along with footage of a live performance from Irving Plaza in New York. Flipping Casanova's "Set Trippin," Remy goes hard in her new "Set Trippin" freestyle.

"Smack you in your face, lil' bitch, I knock your weave out/Frontin' like that's your hair, I see the leave out/Rock a Gucci coat, Louie boots and Gucci pouch/Fashion Nova jeans, wife beater and my titties out," she spits in her opening bars.

The "Melanin Magic" rapper continues the aggressive flow, going after her enemies. “I’m so different from you bitches/Look good in real life, you look good in pictures/Got my own money, but I still get his/Got side-chick pussy with wife privileges," she raps.

Remy is still gearing up for the release of her next album, 7 Winters & 6 Summers. In October, the New York rapper signed a deal with Columbia Records and explained the meaning behind the upcoming project's title.

"I couldn't fathom counting in years," she said of her time in jail. "So, if I would look out the window and the trees were green, and say it was 2012, I knew I got three more summers to go."

Check out Remy Ma's "Set Trippin" freestyle below.

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