REKS may be a veteran MC, but that doesn't mean he's unwilling to face a challenge. The Massachusetts native linked up with producer Hazardis Soundz for a new dynamic and more diversified sound. Their chemistry is apparent as the duo will be releasing their second full-length project together tiled 'Eyes Watching God'. The concept of the album sees REKS examining good and evil with the 'God Side' and 'Devil Side' making up the LP.

One of the tracks included on the 'God Side' is the triumphant anthem 'Garvey' which sees REKS team up with New York repping Saigon and Noreaga. This trio of talented rappers unleashes some high quality rhymes over a soulful instrumental provided by Hazardis. Saigon and Noreaga add their own flavor to the song while REKS leads the way with his opening verse.

REKS raps, "This the type of beat that brings the this or that part of me / Pray for me, attitude, magnitude, possibly / Katrina flood water, don't try to avoid us / We kidnap DJs, duck tape for dollars / Propaganda, revolution, gun cock your hammer / Lyrical gift, the b---h ass bad Santa."

REKS & Hazardis Soundz's album 'Eyes Watching God' drops July 15th on Brick Records. You can pre-order it now via iTunes or

Listen to REKS & Hazardis Soundz's 'Garvey' featuring Saigon & Noreaga