Redman is back at it with visuals for "Wus Really Hood" from his 2015 album, Mudface.

Directed by IllMannered, the video clocks in at just under a minute-and-a-half and much like his "N---- Like Me" video, features footage captured while Red was performing—this time at the Boston Festival with Method Man in front of a capacity crowd. And if you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Red rock live, you know the energy was off the charts.

Although the song is just over a minute long, he takes time to explain why he's still one of the best who's ever done it—and why he remains true to his craft, disregarding hip-hop trends.

"Never sell out, remain true to my era/Masta Ace letter to the better/[When Special Ed] jumped out the Jetta/When Eazy-E hung with Jerry Heller/Before OJ said, 'I'm a killer'/I was murderin' cats and they ain't have a clue/Even now I turn cats to Chinese food," he spits on the song.

Watch the video above.


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