There's several reasons why we love Redman around these parts.

For one, who lyrically skates the line between street-talk and comedic raps better than the Funk Doctor? Plus, his bars are chock-full of entertaining lines and his videos usually include crazy costume changes, a ton of hilarious footage and plenty of weed.

The rhymer offers a new visual for the song 'Dunfiato,' off his 'Muddy Waters 2' mixtape, which precedes the full-length album of the same name. The cut is the second song and video to be released from the new tape, as he dropped the cut 'Hammertime' late last month.

Redman starts the song by addressing some of the younger rappers out today, who seem to be immersed in hectic computerized-sounding tracks void of soul and melody.

"I need a beat," he says at the track's start. "I don't need no turn-up beat. I need some elements. Some hip-hop. Let's get back to some elements."

But it's not the track's intro that makes the cut incredibly dope, it's the crazy high-pitched soul sample used and Red's ear-catching rhymes. "I hate gossip I'll mash up your media moshpit / Release a baboon in a chatroom / My weed bag's a vacuum and smuggle / Off of one blunt a bitch gonna f--- you," spits the New Jersey native.

The video consists of nothing more than the MC sitting on a bunch of vinyl records, as he rocks a huge afro wig, sunglasses and a throwback lumberjack flannel. It's all classic Redman.

Overall, 'Dunfiato' really bangs. Not in the let's-go-to-the-club-and-pop-bottles-way, but in the I-don't-have-to-deviate-from-classic-sounding-hip-hop-way, which makes it sound ultra refreshing, despite its throwback sound.