Ray J isn't too pleased about Kanye West's speech at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (Aug. 28). According to TMZ, the "One Wish" artist is "livid" at West for saying his name on stage, and he also thinks 'Ye is a hypocrite.

If you remember, Kanye called Ray J "Brandy's little sister" back in 2013 after Ray J released "I Hit it First." Kanye blasted Ray J for the "I Hit it First" video a few years back, so Ray J is pissed that 'Ye is now using the Kim sex tape to his advantage with his video for "Famous" off The Life of Pablo.

Granted, all of that may be a bit hard to follow. In layman's terms, Kanye stole Ray J's girl, and now Ray J is salty that Kanye is using his naked likeness in a music video for the world to see, as well as speaking his name on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Obviously, Kanye's platform is much bigger than Ray J's, because he's a bigger artist. The last time Ray J made a splash with his music was with "I Hit It First" – a song that happens to harp on his sex tape with Kim.

In other Kanye West-related news, the Chi-town artist/producer/designer etc. premiered his music video for "Fade," starring Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert, at those very same VMAs. In addition, some mysterious Kanye West x Drizzy Drake billboards have been popping up in cities including Los Angeles and Toronto. Is this a sign (no pun intended) that 'Ye and Drake truly have a mixtape in the works? Yeezy also recently put on a top-secret art show in a Los Angeles museum.

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