NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday suspended running back Ray Rice indefinitely after a new video surfaced that shows the player punching his future wife in an elevator in February.

This video is disturbing. People are outraged because he was only suspended for two games. What disturbs me is the fact that she went and married him after this event.

How can anyone hold him to responsible if the woman who he actually hit forgave him and was trying to defend him? The NFL, Roger Goodell, the Ravens, Ray Rice or anyone else could care less about this woman's well being. Especially if she doesn't care. The NFL is a business and they don't want any disruption from the money making process.

Maybe his wife stuck around for the money, but since he has been terminated, no one will probably pick him up this season. Let's see how long their marriage stays together after this. He will definitely think before he puts his hands on anyone.

Do you think he should've been terminated?

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