In #BLANKSTARE Ratchet News:

So check this out, a local DJ decided to rent out Clementon Park & Splash World in Clementon, NJ for what park management thought was for a charity event for Sickle Cell Anemia. Little did management know, the event was planned to turn the family friendly park into the urban version of a Playboy pool party!

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Even though the event did say “adults only”, many people were outraged when footage of the “girls gone wild” charity event began hitting social media! We can tell you that there was nothing but azz and boobs everywhere, but then again that would be an understatement! There were even reports of a fight that broke out in the midst of the twerk fest!

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This is actually funny ... If they really donated the money to sickle cell anemia.... I don't see what the problem is ? From the videos it looked like no one took their clothes off. They should've paid more attention when the booked the event. Looks like college fun until the girl fight