The power of celebrity in hip-hop is a beautiful thing. Rappers have adoring fans, unlimited access to most everything and earn millions of dollars for their talent—sometimes just for showing up. But at the same time, fame comes with a price, and part of that price is giving up your everyday privacy. So, when rappers are casually strolling down the sidewalk or leaving an establishment, they usually get followed by paparazzi.

Some rappers take paparazzi encounters in stride, answer their questions and smile through the invasion. And then, there are these guys. Some of the most popular MCs seem to get fed up almost immediately at the sight of a camera. Either way, the results of such encounters are serious and sometimes comedy. These confrontations make for some hilarious videos.

It's no secret that Kanye West dislikes when the cameras follow his every move. He's been caught on video countless times cursing out the paparazzi and attacking them. In 2013, the Chicago rhymer got into a fight with a photographer outside LAX airport. The cameraman allegedly ended up in the hospital. A civil lawsuit followed, with the photographer suing Kanye for the incident. Two years later, the case was set for trial, but Ye settled out of court by apologizing to the man. It's unknown if the MC also settled for an undisclosed amount.

In February of 2022, Kid Cudi confronted a paparazzo outside the Super Bowl when they asked him questions about his recent beef with Ye. Cudder wasn't having it and lunged toward the cameraman. "Just stop, just stop," he insisted to the photographer tracking him.

There are more wild moments where that came from. Check out how rappers like Future, Kid Cudi, Lil Baby and more react when approached by the nosy paps.

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