Twitter at times is way too entertaining to be free.

The social media app differs from Facebook in terms of age demographic and Instagram in terms of purpose. Although engagement with a tweet can make anyone go viral, blue check or not, Twitter is meant to communicate one's unfiltered thoughts and opinions, synonymous with what rappers use music to do. This platform doesn’t require any clearances or censorship. So, as you could expect, things have gotten a little crazy.

If you're part of the Twitter family that joined the app back when Likes were Favorites, you probably remember Gucci Mane's infamous rant in which the word "chill" was completely non-existent. The Atlanta OG posted a series of tweets about his hate for certain rappers in the game, women he had sexual interactions with, other women he was willing to pay to sleep with, and, to end it all off, he even auctioned off his own artists under the 1017 Records umbrella. Trust, the rant was just as wild in real time as it reads.

A few years later, Meek Mill's rant would go down in rap history as well, sparking a beef with Drake, who Meek alleged didn't write his own lyrics. The two traded shots through the music, giving us one of the best modern day diss tracks to date with Drizzy's "Back to Back." Meek's former girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, would have her time to shine as well when she ranted about how her fourth studio album, Queen, was cheated by Travis Scott and his familyNicki alleged they gamed the system to cheat her out of the No. 1 album in the country.

There are plenty of times where rappers' Twitter fingers got hot. So from Cardi B to Kanye West to Azealia Banks and everyone in between, let’s take a look at the wildest of them all.

See Rappers' Wildest Twitter Rants

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