These days, posting a video online about a crime can get you jail time. That's what 20-year-old Mose Leonard found out when he received a one month jail sentence for posting a video to YouTube about killing cops.

Judge Katrina Ross, of Jefferson County in Alabama, saw the video while Leonard was in court for a separate case involving breaking into a vehicle. At first, Ross was going to spare the young man jail time, but once she saw the video she had a change of heart.

"Today we have so many kids that get on Facebook and social media and do some crazy stuff," Ross said. "I admonished him with regards to the video."

Leonard appears in the video for a song called 'Fck 12,' created by Fam First. The southern clique made the visual after a friend, Devante "Red Man" Hinds, died at the hands of police. Reportedly, he was shot to death while trying to flee a crime scene.

The 'Fck 12' video that Leonard posted to his YouTube account has been taken down, however, someone else has uploaded the visual again to a separate account. The effort has nearly 15,000 views in just four days.