Ralo was granted $250,000 bond to be released from prison over the summer, but it looks like things have changed after the court made new discoveries in his drug case.

According to documents obtained by XXL on Monday (Dec. 21), which were filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division on Dec. 17, a judge has reversed Ralo's bond pending trial. The judge has also deemed the Georgia rapper, born Terrell Davis, a "danger to the community" after determining that he had been arranging drug deals while behind bars using an Apple Watch.

The court documents state, "The United States explained that law enforcement had analyzed an Apple Watch found in Defendant Davis’s cell at the Dayton Detention Center in April 2019 and found photographs of drugs and communication with co-defendants that appeared to include affidavits the co-defendants were willing to supply the Court."

The court also said that following Ralo's request for bond to be approved, there was information uncovered in addition to the rapper communicating with co-defendants on the Apple watch and photos of drugs found on the device.

"This evidence strongly suggests Defendant Davis continued to engage in illegal drug activity while incarcerated at that facility," the document reads. "It also obviously shows he refused to abide the conditions of his confinement by obtaining and possessing the contraband watch."

Meanwhile, law officials determined that Ralo was in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest in 2018, following a search of his home. "Defendant Davis’s fingerprints were found on the .380 caliber ammunition recovered from his home at 701 Walden. As mentioned above, law enforcement also found a .380 caliber pistol in the home. This evidence, of course, suggests Defendant Davis was illegally in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest in this case," the court filing reads.

The court went on to note that Ralo had been communicating with Antoinette Potts, the mother of his three children, to further his drug activity while behind bars. Law officials obtained two handwritten documents seized from a purse that belongs to Potts while a home that is believed to be Ralo's was searched. The notes explained to Potts where to locate "certain assets (including money), directed her how to spend or collect money, and instructed her as to the distribution of controlled substances."

One note told Potts to “save up every dollar you receive from grandma” and “keep count of all the kids at dad house an grandma house so you can know how much you got at all times (sic).”

The document also instructed Potts to "try to do all these things on other phones or in person. The Feds is watching an (sic) listening to everything." The documents suggest the use of the word "kids" is a code word as well as “cups,” “half,” “grams,” "8 balls” and “all.” There was also a list of prices under the name "kidz."

In the second note, there was a section in the documents labeled "The Kids," which the courts say is "associated with the distribution of controlled substances." The document reads, “Every ounce is 28 grams; every ounce of Olivia food is $1100 per ounce; every ounce of T.J. food is $2500 per ounce; the price of [illegible] food goes up and down.”

A separate part of the note includes that "There is no such thing as shake when you dealing with T.J. everything must go in the Bag. I love you.” The court explained that "'shake' is a term in the drug-trafficking world to refer to excess narcotics that are left in a bag because it 'shakes' off a larger piece."

Potts was additionally told to get "burn out lines," which is presumed to be phones that can't be traced back to her. The note told her to "call AT&T and 'make up a fake name,' 'make up any kind of address,' and 'tell them instead of your social [security number] you want to give them your Tax ID #.' The note added that a "Tax ID # consists of 9 numbers that cannot start with a (0,1, or a 2).”

The judge added that the uncovered documents "demonstrate Defendant Davis’s efforts to continue distributing narcotics after his arrest in this case. There simply can be no other conclusion from his efforts to establish pricing and distribution for 'eight balls' and 'grams,' his instruction against the use of 'shake,' and his warning to be wary of law enforcement 'listening.'"

The latest development in the 25-year-old rhymer's legal case is in connection to his 2018 arrest on four federal counts of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and possession with intent to distribute over 100 kilograms of marijuana. On April 15, 2018, the 1017 Records artist was arrested at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport after returning to Georgia on a private plane with 444 pounds of marijuana on it. The drugs had an estimated street value of $1 million.

When Ralo was initially granted bond in July, there were several conditions with his supervised release. He had to reside at a rental property and was restricted to a 24-hour lockdown. He was also prohibited from contacting third parties directly or indirectly.

Last February, Ralo's team claimed that he turned down a five-year plea deal. It's unclear if he will be offered another plea following his bond being revoked.

XXL has reached out to Ralo's rep and attorney for a comment on this matter.

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