For his first Throwback Thursday release, Raekwon was 'Wishing On A Star,' but this time he speaks of problems with the ladies on 'Stop Tripping.'

Over Horace Brown's '90's cut 'Trippin,' the Chef displays his amazing ability to craft vivid stories with striking detail.

"Back of the limo, blowin' grass, play the demo, broke a glass / Cazal lenses crash, check the rim homie, jumped out / Hammer on me, glamor, velvet blazer light green, Brooks Bro shirt, pair of Stans on me / Contemplating jumping a cab or jump in the Navi / She hate me, got caught doing threesome in the Jag," spits the Wu-Tang Clan veteran.

He also uses some pretty complex rhyme schemes in the one-verse freestyle and brings the listener into his world of fly vehicles, pretty women and fast living.

Some might say Rae's at his best when he's able to rhyme over a slow tempo groove, since his verses usually contain loads of description and subtle meanings, which makes Horace Brown's soulful cut the perfect easel for Raekwon to paint his lyrical pictures on.

Listen to Raekwon's 'Stop Tripping'