R. Kelly has so far been mum about his 13-year-old child, Jaya Kelly, who recently announced that he's transgender. On his Instagram bio, "Jay" -- as he is affectionately called -- refers to himself as "transguy."

Although Jay's mother, Drea Kelly, has accepted his new identity, Kelly is reportedly unaware of his transition.

In an interview with WCGI's "The Morning Riot' crew, the Chicago-bred singer addressed the news of Jaya coming out as transgender... sort of.

"Well, you don’t really want to open this up with saying my daughter is becoming my son,” he warned host Nina Chantele who asked the question about his son.

When Chantele explained that she was asking questions about what she read on the blogs, Kels responded by telling her to not believe in everything she reads.

"I know, but don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit," he said. "But as far as that’s concerned, always believe what you see -- with your own eyes that is. That’s the best way to go about this business I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people and it was never true."

The Grammy-winning singer-producer sort of half-answered the question again by talking about his finances.

"You save money so your kids can go to college -- no matter what they are or who they are. They're still your kids, you gotta support them," he stated.

When Chantele continued to press further about his transgender son, R. Kelly quickly ended the conversation by not talking about it.

"I don’t address that though. That’s the thing," he said. "Why do you think I’ve been here for 27 years and still relevant? Because I don’t address s--- that’s dumb. I don’t do it. I just don’t do it."

So there you have it. It looks as if R. Kelly won't be addressing his family matters to the media anytime soon.

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