Believe it or not, the Notorious B.I.G. and The Roots had beef back in the days. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia group couldn't patch things up with the late rapper before his untimely death in March 1997. Drummer Questlove detailed his Biggie story during an episode of the Juan Epstein podcast.

If you remember, the Roots poke fun of the sheer opulence that was gripping hip-hop during the Bad Boy Records and Death Row era. They recorded a song titled 'What They Do,' which came with an accompanying video that mocked some of the artists of that time.

And although it was unintended, the video showed a B.I.G. lookalike character that was surrounded by women as he laid in bed, so it's not surprising the late Brooklyn rhymer took offense.

"So, we did this 'What They Do' video," Questlove explained. "And it's sort of like a sarcastic look at what was then becoming champagne culture...we told the director that we don't want to do a direct reference to someone's video. We're just talking about the impending lurking of this new, at the time, it seemed like the new apartheid -- the have-nots versus the haves."

"Based on the way the set looked, we didn't know we were doing a direct reference to 'One More Chance,' so when we saw the final cut [of the video] they showed it to us and I was like, 'Oh, damn,' but it was too late," he finished.

Upon seeing the clip, Biggie spoke to The Source and said he didn't understand why The Roots were dissing him, especially considering all the love and support he's been given them. So to quell some of the tension, Questo wrote an op-ed piece for the magazine, but it was too late. Biggie was killed by an unknown gunman in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles.

"It took me 10 hours to do it. Proofread it. It was great," he said of the editorial piece. "Called The Source and said 'Okay, I'm ready to send the response-to-Biggie op-ed.' And they're like 'Oh God, you didn't hear what happened did you?' And I was like 'What are you talking about?' They said 'Biggie's dead,' and that killed me. I never made it right."

If you want to listen to Questlove and Chris Rock's interview on the Juan Epstein podcast in its entirety, click here.

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