Questlove again finds himself as a topic of conversation of the Internet, and this time it's not because of 'The Tonight Show''s antics. The Roots member will make an appearance in an upcoming episode of 'Law & Order: SVU.'

Ice-T and show writer Peter Blauner tweeted pictures of Questlove shooting scenes for the show, and it's very likely the drummer may not be playing himself. That's because the drummer will be a dead body in his appearance. Questlove is seen in both tweets on a coroner's table.

"This corpse looks strangely familiar," Ice-T captions in his tweet. There's no word on when this episode will air, but whichever it is, it looks like it doesn't end with Questlove alive. It's very likely Jimmy Fallon and crew are going to crack a few jokes about it too.

Strangely, this role -- not an appearance, but a role on 'Law & Order' as a dead body -- is a dream come true for Questlove. He was oddly specific about it when US Weekly interviewed him for an article titled, '25 Things You Don't Know About Me.'

Well, congrats to Questo on showing fans that dreams actually do come true if you work hard enough!