A full five years after it was first teased, we get the Q-Tip and Kendrick Lamar collaboration, "Want U 2 Want."

The banger has been a long time coming. All the way back in 2013, The Abstract announced he and Kung Fu Kenny had cooked up something special in the studio. Friday (Feb. 9), the A Tribe Called Quest rapper finally released the cut to the masses.

The song features Kendrick handling most of the heavy lifting, providing the chorus, bridge and verses. He weaves his way through a densely-populated instrumental driven by a funky loop and DJ scratches. "I wanna see you fall through, quick, fast, without having to call you/Quick fast I know just what they all do," K. Dot raps. "But you can do it better and it's all cool/Never seen a stop sign or a stop light/I wanna see what living on the top like/You wanna see what living on the top like."

Q-Tip slides in toward the end to make his presence known. "She needs me, uh, I need her, uh/Downtown, uh, me first, uh, me first, uh me first/She needs me, uh, I need her, uh," he spits.

Tip has been steadily working on his next solo album, The Last Zulu, for a minute. Last year, he hooked up with 2 Chainz. “[Q-Tip] was over there chopping and I’m like, ‘Listen, load up a beat, bruh! It gon’ take you longer to do whatever you doin’ than it take me to do me,'” 2 Chainz explained of their studio meeting. "He was like, ‘I’m used to working with people that have’—and I understand that. But it don’t take all day to nothing over here, jack.”

Listen to Q-Tip and Kendrick Lamar's "Want U 2 Want" track below.

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