It's a common known fact that a lot of people didn't believe in Kanye West when he first made that transition into a credible rapper, including frequent collaborator Jay Z. Pusha T wasn't immediately pro-West either.

The G.O.O.D. Music consigliere told Sway on MTV 'RapFix Live' that West's landmark debut 'The College Dropout' wasn't really on his radar when it dropped almost 10 years ago. "I probably was listening to some type of gangsta music," he says.

Clipse, the duo featuring Pusha T and brother Malice, was in record label limbo while working on the coke rap 'We Got It for Cheap" mixtape series when West first rose to prominence.

Pusha T also tells Sway that he was a fan of 'Graduation' Kanye, like a lot of people are. He wasn't totally dismissive of West's 'College Dropout' era, however. Pusha T was a fan of the 'Through the Wire' video. "I thought that was like the greatest video and I [liked] the story of it all," he says.

The younger half of Clipse has recently finished his 20-day studio session with The Neptunes that began early January. If it doesn't suffer the same delays as the critically praised 'My Name Is My Name,' Pusha T's sophomore effort 'King Push' will see a 2014 release.