Here’s another example of why you should never, never, NEVERRRRR get into a car with a stranger, no matter how “harmless” they look. A 24 year-old Niskayuna resident, Salam Al Haideri, is being charged with rape and assault after attacking a 19 year-old woman walking home early this morning.

Haideri and a friend saw the woman walking in the downtown Albany area and asked if she needed a ride. The driver dropped both Haideri and the woman off near Central Avenue. Once the driver left, Haideri walked with the victim for a bit before attacking her. The driver wasn’t arrested and won’t be charged since he didn’t participate in the attack, and was gone well before the violence ensued.

The despicable excuse of a man ended up fracturing the woman’s orbital bone (the bone around your eye socket), nose and did some damage to her ribs.

Al Haideri has been officially charged with first-degree rape. He could be sentenced to as many as 25 years in prison for first-degree rape and an additional 7 years for the assault.

The punk ass is currently sitting in Albany County Jail without bail. It’s dirt bags like this that make me want to get arrested - I’d happily let Haideri know how I feel about him if they put us in the same cell.