Of all places in the Capital Region to hear about prostitution – would you ever expect Saratoga Springs? Sting operations lead to the arrest of 5 Albany area women. The women have all been charged with misdemeanor prostitution.

The sting was a part of a bigger operation to halt the sex trafficking of underage victims. Luckily in this case, the women were all of-age, ranging from 23 to 45-years-old. The culprits include Marcolena Miller of Loudonville, Virginia Quesnel-Gillett of Troy, Pamela Baumgardner of Saratoga, Ginger Wood of Albany and Krista Cherry of Glens Falls.

There’s no doubt the women migrated to the Spa City to service high-rollers and transients who spend their summers in the area during Track season.

Law enforcement are particularly interested in finding the pimps who control the women. Those arrests would lead to felony charges rather than a misdemeanor. Just like the old saying goes, “Pimpin’ aint easy.”