'Got Me Good' isn't just a Cody Simpson single. It's also a Ciara single! Her version is decidedly more of a club banger style than his chill track, but both have their charms. Ciara previewed 30 seconds of the video, and she looks hotter than a steaming cup of lava.

The singer is wearing all white and dancing in the desert. The setting reminds us of the quintessential road trip scenery in a movie. She looks like a sun-kissed hottie, with her wild, bedhead, ombre hair. She is being shadowed by a male dancer, dressed in all black, who engages in naughty bumping and grinding with the singer. Mmm hmm. The getting sure is good between these two, as they have steam-up-the-screen chemistry.

Judging by this ultra sexified half-minute preview and teaser, we are in for a hot, hot, HOT video from Ciara. The full-length is scheduled to premiere on Oct. 25, which is Ciara's 27th birthday. How generous of her. She gives us a sexy gift on her birthday. We love selfless pop stars.

'Got Me Good' appears on her fifth studio album 'One Woman Army.'

While on the set of the video, the singer told MTV that her new album is "not about being over-independent, but it does represent my independence as a woman and it represents my strength. It represents where I stand with love. It represents what I want out of life as a woman. It's all of that in one and more."

Amen, sister! Ciara is woman. Hear hear roar.