Post Malone loves his fans, but one person recently did something to Posty that stunned the hell out of the rap-crooner. Posty got called a bitch while meeting with fans, and his reaction was caught on camera.

On Saturday (Nov. 5), pop culture channel @PopCrave posted a video on their Twitter account of Post Malone getting insulted while meeting with his fans outside of a venue. "Post Malone you a bitch," the detractor yells.

Posty is stunned by the person's aggressive behavior towards him. "That's rude," he responds while still signing autographs for fans.

"You suck. You's a bitch," the agitator continues. "You's a bitch. Post Malone sucks," he adds before the video cuts off.

The young man could be a clout chaser and is trying to get a rise out of Post Malone. Well, he was successful. Nevertheless, this was totally unnecessary.

On the brighter side, it looks like the "Rockstar" rapper is on the mend after he twisted his ankle during his Atlanta performance on his Twelve Carat Tour in October. While performing his hit single "Psycho," he tripped on something onstage and started limping. He then falls down to one knee and appears to be examining his hurt leg.

The injury didn't stop the show. The Grammy-nominated rapper informed the audience that he hurt his ankle on a hole onstage for the pyrotechnics.

That was the second time Post Malone suffered an injury while on tour. In September, during a show in St. Louis, Mo., Posty took a terrible fall onstage that sent him to the hospital and forced him to postpone a scheduled concert in Boston.

Watch Post Malone Get Insulted at a Meet and Greet Below

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