Over the last few days, artists like Chance The Rapper, Ciara, Lady Gaga and the Pussycat Dolls have all either removed or made strides to remove their past R. Kelly collaborations off of streaming services after the airing of Surviving R. Kelly. Now, Post Malone has spoken on artists removing their R. Kelly collabs.

Speaking with TMZ about artists removing their Kelly collaborations from designated streaming platforms, Post spoke on where he stands. "I think essentially that it's the right thing to do," the "Sunflower" rapper explained.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Post spoke on Kelly after being asked about French Montana and DJ Paul's view that the singer should be able to enjoy his accomplishments despite abuse allegations. The TMZ reporter mentions that R. Kelly is a big-time artist, but Post has a quick response saying that the things Kelly's allegedly done are also big.

"It's not really my place," Malone began, "I understand, but he's also done a lot of big, fucked up shit so I guess that's where I'll leave it."

Post's comments come just a short while after it was revealed that Georgia authorities have launched a criminal investigation into Kelly after the airing Surviving R. Kelly, which is a six-part docuseries focused on twenty years of abuse allegations against the singer.

Watch and hear what Post Malone has to say about R. Kelly below.

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