Porch Pirates stealing packages there have been reports coming in from all around the Capital Region:

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It’s the holiday season so you know what that means lots of packages to be delivered which also means the Grinch so to speak are out in full force the porch pirates there called when you’re not home they swap your packages that aren’t yours which is scary.

So the are multiple ways to protect yourself against this by first off when it gets delivered to your house.

  • Take A day off on the days when your packages are supposed to arrive.
  • Call A Neighbor and ask if they can accept the packages.
  • If you cant stay home or aren't friends with your neighbors there’s a app for it of course there is it’s called My Choice and they will send you a e-mail or text alert before your package gets to your crib.
  • Last resort have your items delivered to your job.

Getting your packages off of your doorstep when it first gets delivered is the best way to solve the problem hopefully this helps so this doesn’t happen to you. Be safe this holiday season don’t be a victim of this.