Rap is a competitive sport that Polo G takes seriously. The hoop dreams he once had to make it in the NBA have transformed into a reality as a lauded, multiplatinum-selling rapper with lyrical substance and big-league bars. Die a Legend and The Goat albums are his game-winning shots. His deadpan demeanor at times means he's focused on the bigger picture of his career. Speaking to the beats instead of a therapist leaves little room for laughter, but there's a time and a place for everything. Polo shares a few laughs and offers a deeper look into the man behind the music in his version of XXL's ABCs.

To kick things off, Polo G gives a shout-out to singer Ashanti for the letter A. He even sings his way through some of her 2002 hit song "Foolish." Up next is basketball for B. "I was supposed to go to the NBA," the 21-year-old Chicago MC reveals before accepting his fate on "some rap stuff." C brings up his love for Chanel while D recalls his Chicago stomping grounds and humble beginnings. "Dirt, I got it out the mud, you know," Polo affirms.

One thing that is clearly evident here is Polo G's love for cars. F is for the foreign car he needs everywhere he goes, H stands for the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat he may likely own in his future and R represents the racing he does on the expressway in his BMW i8 late at night.

He doesn't take losses as exhibited by the letter L and the nickname Wolo G that his loyal supporters affectionally call him to celebrate his wins. And something that really gets him riled up is the quarantine when Q hits. "Oh my god, quarantine, I hate it," he says matter-of-factly. As O arrives, Wolo stays true to himself. "Fuck all the opps, you know how I'm boming," he says with a laugh. For S, he keeps it real about the slimy business dealings he's witnessed.

And most importantly, family comes into play for Polo when he gets to T. "Tremani, my son," the rhymer expresses. "I love him."

Get to know more about Polo G as his personality shines in his version of the ABCs below.


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