After a stellar year with hits like 'Blurred Lines' and 'Get Lucky' under his belt, Pharrell Williams has signed to Columbia Records.

The record label announced the news on its official website today. The singer is releasing his solo project on Columbia Records in 2014.

“When we excitedly partnered with Pharrell in January of this year, we felt it was his time again,” says Columbia Records Chairman/CEO Rob Stringer. “Since then, ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘Get Lucky’ have defined pop music in 2013, and now we are preparing to launch Pharrell as a global solo superstar in 2014. ‘Happy’ is just the beginning.”

'Happy' refers to Pharrell's new single featured on the 'Despicable Me 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack),' which will appear on his forthcoming full-length debut to be released through the major label. He launched the first 24-hour music video to support the song.

Although rap is how he got his start, he plans on showcasing other genres on this new project. "I love rapping," Pharrell said in an interview with Complex. "But something’s coming, and I’m not rapping on it... No rapping. It’s focused. Like I told you, that’s the difference between 30 and 40. ’Cause I was 30. Now I’m 40 and I’m not rapping."

The 40-year-old global superstar was named GQ's "Hitmaker of the Year," marking his stellar accomplishments in 2013.