Pharrell has been sharing tracks from his upcoming Hidden Figures soundtrack, and this one may be the best of all, so far.

Alicia Keys joins him on the fun collaboration, a swinging jam that plays on on Skateboard P's penchant for Curtis Mayfield-esque vocal arrangements and finds Alicia Keys reaching deep for a soulful showing on the track.

Pharrell is providing the music for the soundtrack, which thus far, captures the 50s and early 60s sounds, falling in line with film's setting.

"It's funny when the arrow's aiming at you/Inscribed with your name/You pray that it just goes past you/Cupid's only gonna shoot if he knows it's his game," Pharrell sings on the track.

Hidden Figures is scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 25 in limited release before opening wide on Jan. 6, 2017. Take a listen to "Apple" below.


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