If you are a rapper, you must have confidence in your lyrical game. New York rapper Papoose might be too confident as he recently proclaimed that he’s the best rapper out of the Big Apple, period.

“Nobody is better than me -- Jay Z, nobody," the Brooklyn MC boasts to the New York Daily News in an interview. “None are more lyrically inclined than me. None of them. I’m definitely the King of New York. I am the greatest out of New York."

It gets better.

“When I look in the mirror, I don’t see Jay Z -- I see Papoose," he continued. "More power to him, but he’s not better than me."

Granted, his proclamations are debatable, but we have to admit that Papoose is lyrically sharp. His diss songs against Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and Trinidad James are legendary, so his braggadocios remarks are not too far off. Right?

"My pen game is the most immaculate," Pap tells NYDN. “I bring the most to the table on every level, concept, substance.”

Meanwhile, Papoose’s wife, Remy Ma, will be released from prison on July 31.

What do you think? Is Papoose better than Jay Z? Is he the King of New York? Tell us in the comments below.