On tonight’s (Aug. 27) episode of ‘Opening Act,’ Brooklyn-based boy band Gotham Citi were given the chance of a lifetime. They were invited to open for pop music’s favorite femcee Nicki Minaj on one of her Pink Friday tour dates. The four-piece, which formed a year ago, is an a cappella group that meets up in the city and practices in places like Central Park. They’ve been blessed with the gift to sing, and they want to share that gift and entertain others.

They were chosen because they are a Boyz II Men or Jodeci-style R&B act, and there is certainly a hole in that marketplace that they could veritably fill. Their smooth style, good looks and God-given talent made them a perfect support act for Minaj. Gotham Citi are the type of act her crowd and her fans would embrace and “get.”

The foursome’s first performances were a little rough, with one of the members needing to tone down his sexiness and to stop trying to sell it.

The quartet also had a recording session with legendary music producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who’ve worked with everyone from Usher to Janet Jackson to Mariah Carey.

They left NYC for Miami, essentially from the frying pan to the fire. There some infighting about not “feeling” the Jam/Lewis song, until they rehearsed all night and got it down. They also changed it a bit. They were swagged out but shaking upon arriving at the venue to open for the current queen of hip-hop.

Overall, Gotham Citi won her crowd over with their smooth stylings.

Gothan Citi met Minaj after both their sets. She low-key and graciously thanked them for opening for her, and for gracing her stage with their presence, noting that the Barbz loved ‘em. That was a different strategy, since usually the act being opened for meets the opener before hand to offer some advice. Instead, Minaj came after the fact and offered her sincere appreciation.

It appears to be just the beginning for Gotham Citi.

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