Omarion has his eye on a certain lovely lady that caught his eye and he's extremely eager to bring her back to the crib. That's the basic premise for his new song, 'Need That Love,' featuring Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow.

The former B2K member doesn't waste any time in letting the girl know exactly what his intentions are. "Yeah, she act a fool when she on it / I'ma take her out this club / I know them other n----s want it... Private show back to the spot / Bust down my ring and my watch / Touchdown already on the clock / If he broke tell that lame n----s stop," he croons.

Omarion pulling Moss to spit a few bars is no surprise, as the two have worked together numerous times before, including on the joint LP 'Face Off' back in 2007. The '106 & Park' host adds the perfect lines to fit into the sexually charged cut.

"If you knew better you'd do better, girl and I ain't even trying to seat you / Ain't never begged for no p---- in my life / And I ain't finna start baby... Why we rushin' to the bed when we right here in the kitchen / Love when I talk dirty, yeah she like that s---," he rhymes.

The song samples Boyz II Men and LL Cool J's 1995 cut 'Hey Lover,' which of course sampled Micheal Jackson's 'The Lady in My Life.'

Listen to Omarion's 'Need That Love' Feat. Shad Moss