U.S. Olypmian Kate Hansen likes to get her groove on as she warms up for the heat of battle, and she does so to the Queen -- Beyonce!

Hansen, 21 and a luger, has been making headlines for her dancing as she loosens up. We love seeing her shake it like a Polaroid picture, and apparently, she doesn't care who is watching her get her groove on.

"My girl, B -- she just gets me fierce and I get stoked and I have to," Hansen said when asked about her goofy moves. "I have good mojo going on, so it's just how I roll."

Amen to that!

Hansen doesn't care who's laughing at her or reporting on what she is doing. She is going to keep getting jiggy anyway.

"Honestly, I'm in my own world," Hansen said. "I'm completely in my own world -- and it doesn't matter who's staring -- I'm still going to dance."

You go, girl! Beyonce is probably so proud of a fellow female doing her thing with zero concern regarding those who are raising their eyebrows. Girls run the world and the Olympics in Sochi.

See her rocking out below.

Shake it. You know, if this Olympics stuff doesn't work out, she could get a job as a Bey backup dancer.

Kate Hansen is feeling it.