It's July, and every baseball fan knows what that means...IT'S TRADE SEASON, BABY!

With the trade deadline on the horizon, the rumor mill begins to swirl. The Yankees have already made a move, bringing speedy outfielder back to New York earlier today for a minor league pitcher. The Yankees are likely not done, and neither are the Mets. In our weekly chat with ESPN's Buster Olney, Charlie and I picked the brain of one of the most well-connected reporters in the game about what rumors he's been hearing.

He pointed to Chicago in his answer, and a few players that make a lot of sense in the state of New York. You can listen to our chat above.

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The first name I'm focusing in on is Kris Bryant, and a possible connection with the New York Mets. Look around the diamond at Citi Field (when the team is healthy). What you'll see is a *nearly* complete ball club. The Mets brought in James McCann to be their catcher, and traded for Francisco Lindor to play shortstop. They've developed a stellar right side of the infield, and added Kevin Pillar in center field to anchor a strong outfield.

The one hole is third base, and with the Cubs likely not extending Bryant's contract, the soon-to-be free agent could find new life in New York if he's allowed to play his natural position, which is third base.

The other name from Chicago that I LOVE in New York is Anthony Rizzo, and he's had a connection with the New York Yankees. The Yankees lack a left-handed presence in the middle of their lineup, and desperately lack the upbeat personality that Rizzo brings to the table. His smiling, light-hearted approach to the came could help stimulate a dugout that has been described by fans as lacking energy and passion.

Oh, he also mentioned Craig Kimbrel and a possible reunion with the Red Sox. I figured I'd slip that into this piece, because Kimbrel is one of my favorite players ever. I've always loved closers and their role on a team, so he's always intrigued me.

That's it for now from Buster Olney, but as you know, each new week brings a new set of stories.

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