When you're in the club and your favorite song comes on, what do you do? You turn up, of course. For one older man, whenever Salt-N-Pepa's classic club banger 'Push It' comes on, his party rockin' reaches next level status.

In a Facebook video, posted by user Michael Carter, a man and his female companion are dancing to the rap group's 1987 hit 'Push It' at a nightclub inside the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack in West Virginia. Suddenly, the man breaks out and displays some fancy footwork -- similar to those steps Kendrick Lamar showcased in his 'i' video. Seriously, this old guy has moves.

He then starts grinding his pelvis seductively as he looks at his dancing partner with his luring eyes, which clearly read, "You are going to get some of this."

The three-minute video is a combination of hilarious, impressive and somewhat creepy (Why is a guy filming another man dancing?)

But we must also give props to the older gentleman's female partner. She was shaking her booty like J.Lo and we're not mad at her for that.

So far, the video has been viewed over 1 million times and liked by over 4,000 people on Facebook.

We don't know if the man was a little spirited by the alcohol or if he's just naturally-gifted on the dance floor. Nevertheless, when it comes to "pushing it real good" he knows how to work up a sweat.

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