Maniacal rap group Odd Future shocked concertgoers at the Leeds Festival on Sunday (Aug. 26) with their attack on a blow-up sex doll while performing onstage. The Los Angeles collective was there to close out the festival and showed audiences just how rowdy they could get during a concert set.

According to reports, Odd Future brought out a bound and gagged doll, which they named “Kimberly,” onto the stage and Left Brain proceeded to wrestle with it before he kicked it off the stage. “You body slammed that b—-. Is she OK?” Tyler the Creator asked Left Brain. A fan then tossed the ragged doll back to Left Brain which he then held it up and punched it back into the crowd. “F— that b—-,” he growled.

Then OF member Jasper Dolphin gives the battered doll its final beat down by stomping on the doll’s head with his foot. “S—, I just killed Kimberly,” he yelled to the crowd.

Apparently, Odd Future performed this same rude sketch during their performance at the Reading Festival the night prior to their Leeds Festival appearance. Surprisingly, no one has released any photos or videos of the group’s bizarre antics to the Internet. What’s up with that?

Let this be a warning to concertgoers who are planning to check out Odd Future on their Camp Flog Gnaw tour, which kicks off Friday (Aug. 31) in Norfolk, Va. These guys have anger management issues and don’t seem to have a problem letting go of their frustrations onstage in front of a huge audience.

After OF’s show at Leeds, Tyler, the Creator tweeted:

We bet it was.

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