Today’s weather confirms President Obama did not bring the gloom and rain to the Capital Region with him for yesterday’s Albany visit. Instead, he shined a bright light on what’s happening in Albany and wants other cities to mimic our industrial prowess.

The Prez mentioned how the NanoCollege at UAlbany has helped create a high-tech manufacturing sector in the area. He also said the following aimed at the Albany area:

“You’ve got companies like IBM and GlobalFoundries that could have decided to pack up and move elsewhere, but they chose to stay in upstate New York because it made more sense to build here and to hire here. You have more to offer – you got some of the best workers in the world, you’ve got an outstanding university.”

Aw shucks, Obama. You’re making us blush! With the kind words regarding UAlbany, maybe Malia and Sasha could be future Great Danes?

Some locals captured great footage of Air Force One touching down:

The Albany area was actively tweeting events throughout the day via hastag #obama518: