We are all feeling the pinch of rising prices on pretty much everything, and a group of state lawmakers are proposing measures to ease the pain.

I know you have been there at some point recently, because my family certainly has. Too much month at the end of the money, right? Your food bill. Home heating costs, Gasoline. And so much more. Pretty much all of the basics and necessities we rely on have all gone up in cost. And they are the items you cannot exactly cut back on to save money. Could relief be on the way?

According to a CBS 6 report, the answer is yes. Several Republican Senators are proposing several measures to address the high-cost of living, including "temporarily suspending" the gasoline tax. The measures are being billed as the "End the Exodus" plan to entice New Yorkers to stop moving out of the state because of the high cost of living. CBS 6 says other cost tax cutting measures "...like allowing localities the option of offering sales tax holidays on essential good."

How much relief could that realistically provide when the price of gas has almost doubled? According to the Tax Foundation New Yorker's currently pay about 46 cents on each gallon of gas - ninth highest in the nation (Right across the border in Massachusetts the gas tax is only 26 cents per gallon!). That would be a good start, but it would still be a long way to go for most New Yorkers to start noticing the positive budget effects from month to month.

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