People are not happy with N.O.R.E following Kanye West's latest Drink Champs interview.

Last night (Oct. 15), a new episode of Kanye on Drink Champs aired via Revolt. While a full stream has yet to be made available for playback, numerous clips have been circling on social media. N.O.R.E is currently trending on Twitter due to backlash from people believing he didn't check Ye for his recent controversies.

The biggest moment of the show thus far seems to be West's comments on George Floyd's passing. He referenced Candace Owens' Black Lives Matter documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, claiming that fentanyl was the actual cause of Floyd's death and that the police officer's knee "wasn't even on his neck like that."

Many people on Twitter have reacted to the clip, pointing out how N.O.R.E. allowed Ye to make those comments unchecked.

"I'm sorry, but @noreaga should be ashamed of that interview," a verified journalist wrote. "And I love N.O.R.E. - music, everything. I don't know him personally, but he seems like a good guy, but he should be ashamed of that interview. You can't do that unless you are going to challenge and discuss things."

"I hope George Floyd's family sue Nore, Kanye, and Revolt like the Sandy H00k families did Alex Jones and get a billion dollars," another user wrote.

"Fuck nore. Fuck Drink Champs. Fuck Sean Combs. Fuck Revolt. Fuck Kanye West," another tweet read.

Seemingly in response to the backlash, a clip from the episode of N.O.R.E attempting to question Kanye's recent White Lives Matter controversy has been uploaded to the Drink Champs YouTube channel.

"But when you wear the White Lives Matter shirt," N.O.R.E began, hesitantly. "It kinda takes away from everything from Black people. Because what it is is the same way you wear the confederate flag, and we're like, 'Damn.' And I know you. I love you. I fuck with you, you my brother. So I take this. And I'm a real n***a. And I'm a real n***a in the streets every day. But, even me, I question, like, why would you try to... Like, even when you said, George Floyd [...] 'I can prove that somebody wasn't on his neck.' We don't even care about that, Ye."

"Because we don't care," West replied.

N.O.R.E. continued: "But, but, but, lemme finish. We... we Black people. We... we're Black Panthers. We're the people that you gotta fuck with. You... we fucked with you when it was time to say that we fucked with you. We wanna continue to follow you. We do. You are Ye. But when the White Lives Matter... We know White lives matter. We know that. But Black Lives Matter...When we are getting killed every fucking single day, we have to notice that."

Kanye went on to compare his recent controversial actions to the skinny jeans fashion trend in hip-hop. N.O.R.E. eventually got Kanye to say, "White Lives Matter doesn't mean that Black lives don't matter."

"That's what we need you to say, Ye." N.O.R.E. concluded.

Watch N.O.R.E. Attempt to Push Back on Kanye West's White Lives Matter Statement

Additionally, a disclaimer aired before the episode, which distanced Revolt TV and its affiliate companies from any statements made on Drink Champs.

"Disclaimer: The primary purpose of Drink Champs podcast ("Podcast") is to provide a platform for creatives to express their personal views or opinions without restriction or censorship," it read.

"All views or opinions expressed during the Podcast are solely those of the individuals expressing such view or opinion and does not reflect the views or opinions of Sean Combs, REVOLT MEDIA & TV LLC, or their respective parent and/or affiliate companies ("Companies")."

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