Nicki Minaj performed several songs on ‘TODAY,’ despite the fact that she has a bruised vocal chord and has been advised to take time off from the stage.

As a part of the morning show’s Toyota Summer Concert Series, the hip-hop star took over Rockefeller Plaza to bring fans a live show, which included a rendition of her hit single, ‘Starships.’ The 29-year-old looked healthy, but in several recent tweets she revealed that she’s battling some medical issues.

Not feeling 100 percent, Minaj tweeted, “The doctor has asked me to take 2 wks of voice rest… But…” She clearly ignored her doc’s advice and performed on the ‘TODAY’ show on Tuesday (Aug. 14), but the audience couldn’t tell anything was wrong.

In response to a fan complimenting the performance and asking how her voice is, the New York native said, “Another x-ray cmng up! Its a bruised Vocal Chord.”

Minaj is also scheduled to perform today as a part of Pepsi’s live concert series, and it seems she has no intention of resting as her doctor has suggested. Yesterday, the star retweeted a promotional message from the beverage company, implying that the show must go on.

At least Minaj got to meet the Olympic gymnastics team, which she has been following these past two weeks.

Watch Nicki Minaj Perform ‘Starships’ on ‘TODAY’

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