Nicki Minaj is being sued by her former wig dude. We know, that rhymes.

According to TMZ, Terrence Davidson, the wig stylist who claims that he is responsible for Minaj's vast array of colorful, outrageous and much-discussed wigs, has slapped the rap vixen with a lawsuit. He is asking for a whopping $30 million in compensation.

We bet Nicki wigged out when she saw that sum he is seeking. (Sorry, we had to!) But that is a lot of scratch.

Davidson is taking the credit for helping Minaj become the superstar she is today, thanks to her unique look. He is saying that she stole his wig designs and thus cheated him out of millions.


TMZ reports that Davidson says he created "fresh, hip and unique" hairpieces that became iconic and representative of Minaj's image. He takes responsibility for the pink bun wig, the fox fur wig, the pink high top wig, the superbass wig and the half-blonde, half-pink wig.

In addition to accusing the pink-loving rapper of stealing his designs and then marketing them for herself, he also claims she discouraged him from accepting a reality show deal that would have netted him millions, saying that it would ruin their partnership.

While it's true that Minaj's style has largely been discussed based on her wigs, she has been showing off her au naturel look aka her real hair as of late.

Maybe her Minajesty will pull a Katy Perry and ditch the rainbow wigs in favor of a more streamlined, natural look. She is gorgeous enough to pull it off.

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