The white flag has been waved and the olive branch extended …we think! Nicki Minaj has opened up about her post-fight relationship with Mariah Carey, saying that they have been "fine" since the dust up witnessed 'round the world.

Carey and Minaj were feuding on the set of 'American Idol,' where both are new judges, with Minaj feeling dissed by Carey for constantly interrupting her. It was reported that Minaj threatened the singer with a gun. Carey subsequently said she upped her security. It had us wondering if there was too much diva on one reality show panel, and the events likely had producers sweating bullets. Pink bullets, but bullets nonetheless.

"We've been fine," Minaj said when probed by MTV about the state and status of their relationship. She said nothing more, nothing less, so things have been smoothed over.

Minaj said she can't comment on whether or not 'Idol' was a good decision for her, saying she'll be able to attain that sort of clarity in two years, when what's done is done.

One thing is for certain. It's a new set of circumstances for her, since it has such a regimented schedule.

"It's been a new experience for me. And it's just been interesting for me to have a 9 to 5 job," Minaj revealed. "I haven't done that in such a long time. I haven't had to come somewhere and do a specific thing. I've been kind of creating my own schedule for the last few years, so it's interesting, but I love the people there, so that makes it okay."

She also said she is excited about the "amazing, talented people" they've seen so far, since they are "breath of fresh air 'cause you don't know what lies ahead for them. You're meeting them first; one of these people is gonna be a superstar very soon."

Diva drama aside, sounds like Minaj does have a soft spot for her new gig.