Nicki Minaj has obviously taken female rappers to another level, but which other female rapper is her dream collabo who's currently incarcerated?


Nicki Minaj interviewed with the crew of VH1's "This is HOT 97" Morning Show in NYC to talk about alot of future projects.

Ebro "The Old Man" has a thing for Nicki & if you can get passed his inappropriate flirting, Nicki Minaj reveals her dream collabo with Remy Ma!

That's my sis right there, Remy Ma! The "Conceited" rapper, who's engaged to rapper Papoose, has been incarcerated but her release date is this July! Welcome home Remy!!

I am excited about these two hot & hardcore female rappers coming together for a collabo! Girl power! this is how the industry should be, female rappers working together instead of beefing!

Look for Nicki Minaj's new album "the pink print" comin soon with her new debut song "Pills & Potions" which you can listen to right here on the HOT website!