We are completely obsessed with Meek Mill featuring Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown's new hit "All Eyes on You".  I would say all eyes were definitely on Nicki & Meek & their love connection during their on stage performance Sunday at the BET Awards!


Nicki Minaj has pretty much professed her love to the world for her bae Meek Mill.  Judging by the size of the rock he has placed on her left hand fourth digit, i would say he is pretty obsessed with Nicki as well.

They are definitely hip hop's newest "it" couple!  Check out the way Nicki gazes up at Meek after their BET performance!



Word is Nicki is preggers with Meek's baby!  She wore an all black skirt which would have been a clever way to hide a baby bump.  They are supposed to hit the road & tour together this summer & word is that there will be strict restrictions around Miss Nicki Minaj, like NO smoke! Hmmm time will reveal the baby bump if it's true!