Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to point out that rap queen Nicki Minaj has been wearing what looks like a wedding ring in photos. Ellen went for it, grilling the 'American Idol' judge about who she smooched on New Year's Eve. The only thing we know is that it wasn't Harry Styles, since he was kissing Taylor Swift! Minaj adopted a faux British accent, declaring "I don't want to talk about it, Ellen."

She played it coy but it was written all over her face that she's into someone. Maybe this guy? Still, she played it off, saying, "I kissed my Barbz, those are the loves of my life," about her NYE smooch.

Talk quickly shifted to her 'American Idol' co-judge and nemesister Mariah Carey. To help smooth over the tension, Ellen gifted Minaj with a pink heart-shaped "Best Friends" necklaces that breaks apart so each friend can wear one. Awww. We wonder if Mimi will don the necklace during the live shows, as Ellen suggested.

As for 'Idol,' the rapper covered familiar ground. She doesn't like the hours, since she's not used to being in one place for several hours. Welcome to the world of the 9 to 5, Nicki!

"Maybe I didn't hear that or didn't want to hear that," she replied when Ellen asked how she couldn't know or be told in advance that it was going to be a strenuous job.

The "bickering situation" with Carey was chalked up to "it as two big ol' divas I guess. I heard all this stuff, but I didn't believe it. Like, 'Mariah doesn't want you on the panel.' I felt a little bit of the shade and overcompensated by being crazier." She called her cray cray reaction a defense mechanism since her feelings were hurt.

She's over it, though, saying, "I cannot hold a grudge against Mariah Carey. I have looked up to her for years … me and my mother would sing her songs all day and night ... I am not a crazy psycho, you guys."

Nicki Minaj, psycho crazy? No way you guys!

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