I told you, I got that football fever!!!! And so do those Manning brothers! Or shall I say, those boys got that hip hop fever??

Getty Images

Direct TV is at it again with their super creative and pretty comical commercials as the NFL season begins, and if you have been channel surfing , you may have stumbled upon Eli and Peyton Manning rockin' some gold chains , pretty bad hair dos/wigs, um... trying to rap.

It seems these days that everyone wants to be a rap star, and I mean EVERYONE, eh hem, Amanda Bynes and Miley ugggh Cyrus. But no need to worry guys and gals, Eli and Peyton are just doing their thang for the Direct TV "Football on Your Phone" commercial and campaign.

If you are like, " What the hell is this girl talking about?!" No worries, I get that all the time BUT that's another story for another day!! This advertising gem is below for your viewing pleasure. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!?