There is a new text scam going around New York and there are some things that you shouldn't do if you get this message.

The text message scam is really simple. You get a text with a photo of a girl saying how you haven't talked in a while. If you respond saying that you don't know them, they respond back and try to strike up a conversation. After a while, they will try to get some personal information that they can use to steal your identity.

Here are three things that you shouldn't do if you get this text message.

1. Don't Respond - This message is a scam. If you don't know someone who texts you police state that you shouldn't text back. You should delete and block the number.

2. Don't Give Any Information - If you do respond and say you have the wrong number, they will try to respond to you and try to give personal information. If you don't know the person sending the texts, never give out your personal information.

3. Don't Send Money - A lot of these scams are trying to get money out of you. If you do respond, the person on the other side of that message will try to tell you a sob story or a story about how they need money. Police say NEVER send money to an account or person you don't know through text messages.

This scam has been around for a couple of weeks and as more people know about it, it will go away. The problem is that another scam will come and take its place over and over again.

The best thing to do is not respond at all and block the number. If you think you are being scammed, chances are you are. If you are uncertain about a text message, ask someone or contact your local law enforcement.

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This applies not only to text messages but emails and phone calls. Never share personal information or send money to someone you don't know without double-checking the source.

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