It is fair time in Upstate New York!

County fairs are one of the great nostalgic tokens of our youth. We all went to them (and still do). The crazy sight of the twirling, swooping midway rides. The smell of the deep fried dough and the greasy wonderfulness of a blooming onion. The squeal of the little kids out there riding in the bumper cars with mom or dad. The crash-boom-bah of the demolition derby, and the quiet mooing and baying coming from inside the junior 4-H barn.

New York has 62 counties. This list takes a random look at 13 of our great county fairs. They cover the whole of Upstate New York, from the North Country to the Hudson Valley and from the Capital District out through the Finger Lakes to western New York.  Some are big, some are not so big. But all of them are old and historic (check out the fair celebrating its 203rd fair season this year!)

Each entry come with a link to that fair's website. Please note that several of the fairs on this list have not announced their headline entertainment acts yet, so check back often to keep up to date.

County fairs are one of the great hallmarks of an Upstate New York summer. We all love a county fair!  So....let's go! I'll meet you over by the racing pigs! Bring on the demolition derby, the racing pigs, and the fried Oreos!

Everybody Loves a County Fair! Here Are 13 of New York's Best

The Empire State has 62 counties, and this list give you a sample of what awaits you at your favorite county fair.

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