President's Day is celebrated with commemorations of our dead former leaders, for history to be learned about their lives and administrations, and, (sadly) a day for President's Day sales and discounts in many of our stores.

New York has a rich presidential history, and no matter how many times you read about it, it seems that something new always pops up. This list for example should really test your trivia skills about U.S. presidents who were born in the Empire State and/or who are buried here.

Interestingly enough, more U.S. presidents are buried in New York State than were born here!   And there are several big surprises along the way. For example, one New York State born president is the only one to which English was a second language! Huh? Yes, check it out.

We are the home state of the only U.S. president to serve in the White House without any military or governmental experience. Another president born in New York State was mourned so deeply in one of the state's largest cities that the brewer's association banned the sale of beer while the funeral was in progress.

Want another one? One president died in Upstate New York and is now buried, with his wife, in the largest mausoleum ever constructed in North America. Did you guess these right? Take a look at this President's Day list and uncover many more interesting factoids about our "native son? presidents -- how much do you think you know?

For Presidents Day Here Are Some Facts About New York's Own Favorite Sons

President's Day is celebrated nationally as (in theory) a time to learn more about all the great (and not so great) men who have sat in the Oval Office over the last 200-plus years. A look at their lives and their administration's provides a great insight into the different time eras that the United States has gone through. All of the presidents on this list have a singular connection to New York State. And it is a connection that they had no input in the decision of the outcome. They were either born here or are buried here. Interestingly, more have been buried here than were born here. Check the list out and see that interesting factoid about our "native son presidents."

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We all have memories of those great little five and dime stores and general stores of our youth. They were the heartbeat of our communities. They sold just about everything, you could get a pretty good meal in most of them, and of course the showstopper was always the rows of penny candies. Upstate still has plenty of these stores around (some of them 100, 150, 170 years old!). Here is a list to start you on your trip back to the general stores of your youth. They are all great!

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