Amidst all of the success for the New York Mets this season, one phenomenon has dominated the headlines more than any other: Timmy Trumpet, and his song, Narco.

The song Narco gained notoriety for being the walk-out song for New York Mets' closer, Edwin Diaz, and has gone viral during the 2022 MLB season. From Tik Tok, to Instagram, to Twitter and beyond, baseball fans have used Timmy Trumpet's song to create viral videos of them "running out" of certain situations, mirroring the routine of the Mets' flame-throwing right-handed pitcher.

The New York Mets-Timmy Trumpet connection has been loved by everyone...well, okay, maybe not everyone. There have been some fans, including one celebrity, who isn't the biggest fan of the song.

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Celebrity New York Mets' Fan, Jerry Seinfeld, Sounds Off Against Narcos

This all started with a post from SNY, the team-owned television station for the New York Mets. SNY posted about the Atlanta Braves, saying that the Braves had beaten the Oakland Athletics, and in the process, had tied the Mets in the NL East standings.

Naturally, New York Mets' fans reacted calmly and rationally to this post.

Just kidding, they lost their minds. Mets' fans were quick to point fingers, singling out players and moments that were to blame for the team's sudden collapse. One of the New York fans who took to social media to weigh in on the team's struggles, was Jerry Seinfeld:

That's gold Jerry, GOLD!

Here's what this interaction taught me: no matter who you are, whether you're a regular Joe or a multi-millionaire celebrity, if you're a Mets' fan, you're all alike. The moment that things begin to turn south, the panic button gets pressed. New York Mets' fans are a battered-and-bruised bunch, and reactions like these show this concept well.

Let's get one thing straight: the New York Mets did not collapse in 2022. The Atlanta Braves have been the best team in baseball since June, and despite playing baseball at a winning percentage of roughly .600 during that span, it was impossible for New York to maintain that torrid pace.

As long as the Mets are able to get healthy, and stay healthy into October, this team is still primed for a playoff run. Yes, the offense has its flaws, and a strong opposing pitching staff may lead to this team's demise. That being said, you have Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, Chris Bassitt and Taijuan Walker as your four starting pitching options (when healthy) heading into a playoff series.

You can win some games with that group.

Jerry Seinfeld Celebrates Seinfeld on Netflix
New York Mets' broadcasters on SNY with Jerry Seinfeld (Getty Images for Netflix)

So, I understand what Jerry Seinfeld is saying. At surface level, the Timmy Trumpet phenomenon could be viewed as a distraction from what's happening on the field. It's far more than that, though, as the song has become a rallying cry for New York Mets' fans, and has allowed the team to expand their brand across social media through the creation of viral videos.

The ultimate goal when Steve Cohen bought the Mets, was to compete against the Yankees to become the kings of New York. It's public relations moves like this, embracing a viral phenomenon, that help the franchise do just that.

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